• Choosing the type of process you may or may not need can be a challenge. If you have questions about the following you may want to call us.
  • Is the product going to be used outdoors or indoors?
  • Does the product have moisture present?
  • Is it a wear surface?
  • Will it be exposed to ultraviolet light for long periods of time?
  • Does it have to sustain normal abuse ( or worse)?
  • Does it have to maintain a quality appearance for years to come?

Electropolishing of Aluminum or Stainless Steel

Electropolishing of aluminum yields a deep shine especially if dyed.

For stainless steel, electropolishing passivates the surface plus yields a polished look.

Anodizing Services

Anodizing includes clear, dyed and hard anodizing. We can selectively coat one surface while coating another area in a different pattern or color. Some surfaces may be hard anodized and others not anodized at all. Most castings can also be anodized.

Chemfilm Services

A great process to serve as a base for painting while yielding a good corrosion resistant surface.