The subject of this page is you and your processing needs! We would be totally amiss if we just dictated to you what we do without addressing your needs and or concerns. So here goes!

If your needs are for a quality product at a fair price then we have just the ticket for your needs, whether you want hard anodizing, vivid colors or fast turnaround. If you have certain concerns about some areas of your product, then we can mask off those areas. We can also apply more than one color to your part. Many times customers call us about what finish is better for their application and we can help you make that decision. It is very easy to overspend on a finish that you simply do not need.


If you need your products processed in a rush, we will try our best to accomodate you and we won't charge extra for that service. Our normal leadtime is 3-5 days after the arrival of the order and we try daily to beat that time.

As for your costs, we charge processing fees based on NOT what we need to have the funds to buy a new boat or take a European vacation, but rather what we feel is a fair price for the amount of work that we do. In addition, we do help students and colleges with their projects when it comes to anodizing needs. As a former educator, I know just how tight a student's budget can be to finish a project and we want to help.


If you have a new design of a product with lots of cavities, then you might want to call us to get our input about the anodizing process to make your project look the way it should. Cavities have a way of causing ugly voids in the anodizing.


If you have questions or just want to say Hi, then give us a call . BTW We do not adhere to set minimum charges. If you have just one part, we will make it cost efficient for you.


Ken Williford

General Manager